Umi-Shibaura Station in Yokohama, Japan

The only platform of Umi-Shibaura Station.

Umi-Shibaura Station is famed for a few things, none of them quite ordinary.

For one, no other train station in Japan is as close to the sea as this one. Built right above the waters of the Keihin Canal, the station’s single platform provides spectacular views of Tokyo Bay. It’s so scenic that the Ministry of Transport listed it as one of the 100 Greatest Stations in Kanto, and many people visit the location every New Year’s Eve to watch the first sunrise of the year. 

What also makes Umi-Shibaura Station especially unique is the fact that all travelers are strictly forbidden to step outside the station. Train riders can still get off the train and explore the platform, but that’s as far as one can go. The entire surrounding area is considered the private property of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp. Only company personnel are allowed to enter.

In 1995, Toshiba renovated a small section of its property bordering the station and opened it to the public as Umi-Shiba Park. Now, visitors can enjoy the views and some leisure time.

Inaccessible by foot or car, Umi-Shibaura Station is the perfect destination for those seeking a quiet and secluded day-trip from the metropolitan hubbub of Tokyo or Yokohama, which may offer a photogenic sunset to a seaside, industrial backdrop.

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