Pig Lipstick short film review


Directed by: Bob Freville

Written by: Bob Freville

Starring: David L. Tamarin, Scott Burnhard, Damarcus Cox, Claire Gutowsky, Danger Slater

Film Review by: Jason Knight

Still image from Pig Lipstick showing protagonist.

An eyepopping and rather offensive satire on former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Operating as a mockumentary, this short takes a humorous and quite disgusting fictional look into the mind of Trump. The main focus is a man who appears to be a fictionalized version of Trump, whose appearance and behavior are ludicrous to say the least. His hair is unkept and he wears a T-shirt that reads ”I blame society” and he also wears a pig nose. He spends most of the film by himself inside a house, with walls that are covered with words that seem to reveal his point of view. There are also pictures of Trump, former president Barack Obama and a poster for the film Bloodsport.

The are scenes of people being interviewed, regarding their opinion on Trump, either through webcam or face-to-face. Generally, they do not approve of him and believe that him being president is a mistake.

What mostly stands out here is the film’s protagonist, his ridiculous appearance and the rather…unconventional things he does. He applies lipstick on the mouth of a prosthetic pig prop and kisses it. He does his business on some paperwork. He throws a hamburger at a picture of Obama. In other words, he is presented as insane, revolting and a narcissist, believing he is better than others. A no-good individual.

If what is mentioned above is not enough to upset Trump, there is also a small, doll-like figure of him placed inside a toilet and later burned.

There are references to COVID-19, George Floyd and Home Alone 2 (the scene that involves Trump of course).

The main actor does not speak, instead his inner thoughts are heard as a voice-over. He brags about how awesome he is and what he can do. His voice is childish and menacing, but in a comical way.

The filmmakers make effective use of fast cutting and superimposition techniques. The soundtrack contains metal music and interesting sound effects.

Due to its obscene content, this short is not for everyone. If the intention was to insult Trump, then it succeeds. Whoever fancies the combination of toilet humour and satire should give this a go and have a laugh.


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