The Bridge to Nowhere in Isle of Lewis, Scotland

The Bridge to Nowhere

In 1918 businessman, Lord Leverhulme, took a boat trip and fell in love with the islands. So much so that he decided to purchase the land. Reports vary, but it’s believed he purchased the land for £150,000.

Leverhulme was passionate about generating jobs and opportunities for those living in the Western Isles, mainly in fishing. To achieve this, a road was needed from the village of Tolsta to Ness. Once Leverhulme reached Garry beach and designed this bridge he then realized the difficulty of the task at hand. This was due in large part to the terrain and the harsh weather he conceded defeat and ended the project. The bridge created using concrete all mixed by hand. 

Visitors to the region can drive over the bridge, but it’s almost an immediate turnaround. The bridge is a great spot to take photos.