Lough Neagh Torpedo Test Platform in Antrim, Northern Ireland

Lough Neagh Torpedo Test Platform

During World War II, this platform was built on Lough Neagh, a large lake to the west of Belfast. It allowed for testing the depth and directional accuracy of Mk VIII torpedoes. The torpedoes were built at the nearby torpedo factory on Randlestown Road in Antrim.

Along with the testing facilities, there were also dormitories and kitchens, necessary because stormy weather on the Lough could sometimes make the trip back to the shore impossible. 

Since the end of the war, the structure has fallen into disrepair and has become an important site for both Common terns and cormorants. In fact, it is home to the largest colony of breeding terns on Lough Neagh, but only during the summer. During the winter, these birds return to West Africa.

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