Dacha Stalina in Sochi, Russia

Kuntsevo Dacha (Stalin Residence)

Altogether, Joseph Stalin maintained about 20 different summer cottages or dachas, mostly around the Black Sea coast. He had health issues that included poor joints and lungs, so the weather of this warmer region was often comforting. He used this large building complex in Sochi rarely. However, it was always staffed and running just in case Stalin made a surprise visit. 

The building has retained its original appearance and interior with only a few later additions. The rooms and furniture are aged but display the luxury of the 1930s. The decorations are made of precious wood and other custom items. The most notable later addition to the building is the carpets. It’s said Stalin wanted to hear every step taken and didn’t fancy carpets.

After Stalin’s death, the residence was maintained by local authorities. It has been used as a museum/guest complex ever since.