Harris Dickinson in Excellent Fatherhood Indie Film ‘Scrapper’ Trailer

Scrapper Trailer

“Didn’t think I needed you… And I don’t need you to replace mum.” Picturehouse in the UK has revealed an official trailer for an acclaimed indie film titled Scrapper, marking the feature directorial debut of British filmmaker Charlotte Regan. This first premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and it also played at the Istanbul, Beijing, Seattle, and Sydney Film Festivals. A joyful comedy bubbling with hope, Scrapper stars Harris Dickinson (from Triangle of Sadness) and Lola Campbell. Georgie, a dreamy 12-year-old girl, lives happily alone in her London flat, filling it with magic. Suddenly, her estranged father Jason turns up and forces her to confront reality. It’s a remarkably subversive film showing – what if a father can heal and get better and become everything he is supposed to be. Not the other way around, as usually depicted in films nowadays. It’s really wonderful and I hope everyone will give it a look whenever it opens in the US later this year. For now, enjoy this UK trailer for a first look – both Dickinson & Campbell are superb. // Continue Reading ›

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