John Magaro in Indie Supernatural Horror Film ‘The Mistress’ Trailer

The Mistress Trailer

“I’m not very good with temptation…” Blue Fox Entertainment has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror film titled The Mistress, from filmmaker Greg Pritikin. This premiered at a couple of regional film festivals last year, and will be getting a VOD release at the end of July this summer. Newlyweds move into their dream home where they discover 100-year-old letters from a young woman who committed suicide after being abandoned by the owner. Parker struggles with ghostly disturbances, while Maddie suspects he’s hiding something dark from his past. John Magaro co-stars with Chasten Harmon, plus Kat Cunning, Aylya Marzolf, Alexandra Grey, James Carpinello, and Rae Dawn Chong. This looks a bit generic, retreading familiar territory in so many other horror flicks. But at least is has Magaro getting super freaky. // Continue Reading ›