Soi Cheang’s Hong Kong Murderer Thriller ‘Mad Fate’ Official Trailer

Mad Fate Trailer

“Red eyes are an ominous sign. It’s when you will kill.” Illume Films has revealed an official trailer for an indie Hong Kong mystery thriller film titled Mad Fate, from filmmaker Soi Cheang. This first premiered at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival earlier this year, and also played at the Hong Kong Film Festival in March. It’s now set to open in the US this August. The film stars Gordon Lam as a fortune-teller who crosses paths with a young man with a strong desire to commit murder and tries to change the latter’s destiny in various ways. It’s a stylish genre film with a few twists & turns. Also starring Lokman Yeung, Berg Ng, Ng Wing Sze, and Peter Chan. Reviews describe this one as: “Part grisly murder mystery, part pitch-black absurdist comedy feverishly musing on destiny and free will, Soi Cheang’s follow-up to Limbo sees the director again mining his flair for genre experiments in this nightmarish roller coaster ride.” This is a very strange trailer, it plays more like a teaser without much action footage. Still seems like it might be crazy enough to watch? // Continue Reading ›

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