Watch: A Google-Search-Gone-Wrong Short Film – ‘Trichotillomania!’

Trichotillomania Short Film

“Why do I pull out my hair?” That’s the question Kelly typed into Google one day while in lockdown. And she ended up on a journey into the depths of the internet, spiraling around the hallowed halls of Google. Trichotillomania! is an animated short made by filmmaker Kelly Schiesswohl (aka ““) based in NYC. It’s a very personal film created during the pandemic while in lockdown, literally “what should I do besides Google search whatever is on my mind.” It’s all about what happens when someone tries to search at home for a medical diagnosis. It’s never a good idea, but we all do it. Of course. The film uses a few different animation techniques, mainly 2D drawings along with some felt stop-motion scenes. It’s a clever little 4-min film addressing neuroses and anxieties. Just about everyone should connect with this, even if you’ve never searched for this specific disorder, there’s probably something else you’ve stumbled upon thanks to Google that shocked you. I really like the fun animation when she searches on “Oogle”. Tread carefully on the web… // Continue Reading ›

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