Another New Trailer for ‘The Goldfinger’ with Tony Leung & Andy Lau

The Goldfinger Trailer #2

“Where did the money come from?” Another official trailer has arrived for the Hong Kong film called The Goldfinger, which is exactly what is listed (in English) in the title card of this trailer. The film is also going under the title Once Upon a Time in Hong-Kong, written and directed by the filmmaker Felix Chong (Lady Cop & Papa Crook, Overheard 1 – 3, Once a Gangster). Set in the 1980s, the film is based on the story of Carrian Group, a Hong Kong corporation which rose rapidly before collapsing shortly afterwards due to a corruption scandal. Acclaimed actors Tony Leung & Andy Lau reunite after the seminal Infernal Affairs years ago. When a stock market crash causes the sudden collapse of a multi-billion-dollar company, an ICAC investigator (Lau) uncovers a criminal conspiracy involving the company’s founder (Leung) and becomes entangled in a long-running investigation. The film’s cast also includes Simon Yam, Charlene Choi, Tai-Bo, Alex Fong, Philip Keung, Kar Lok Chin, & Nick Ford. It looks like HK’s The Wolf of Wall Street, with similar lavishness and sly humor and greed. It includes English subtitles. “Witness the Golden Touch.” // Continue Reading ›

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