Steph Holmbo in Peculiar Indie Horror Film ‘Soft Liquid Center’ Trailer

Soft Liquid Center Trailer

“I don’t always feel like the most reliable source…” Gravitas posted the official trailer for this indie horror creation called Soft Liquid Center, made by a filmmaking duo called “Perry Home Video“. It premiered at a few fests earlier this year, including at the RiverRun & Chattanooga Film Festivals, with a VOD release set for this month. A recently single woman moves out on her own, but her newfound relief soon curdles as alarming, inexplicable events turn her home into a house of horrors filled with a controlling force. Reviews are praising its uniqueness: “If you’re willing to give yourself to Soft Liquid Center, you’ll be rewarded with a deeply haunting tale whose vibe and oppressive atmosphere will chill you to the bone.” Starring Steph Holmbo, who co-wrote the script based on her own experiences, along with Paul Michel, Alex Palkovic, Mercedez Prince Davis, Michael Isaacs, Tom Gleason, and Rachel Turner. This is a seriously eerie and mysterious trailer that doesn’t give away much at all, but will get your attention anyway. Worth a peek. // Continue Reading ›

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