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Watch: Mesmerizing Short Film ‘Wake’ with a Score by Alaskan Tapes

One day you will wake up. And you won’t recognize where you are. You will need to find your way back. But can you? This entrancing short film is called Wake and it follows a

Sundance Film Festival 2022: 892: An Admirable Attempt At Understanding Brian Brown-Easley

It’s one thing to make a movie about a hostage situation. It’s another effort entirely to tell this story when it’s based on true events, that of Marine veteran Brian Brown-Easley, where director Abi Damaris

Meet the Artists Against Free Speech

Neil Young sang one of his greatest hits, “Rockin’ in the Free World,” during his celebrated “Freedom of Speech” tour in 2006. Now, like too many of Young’s peers, the rocker isn’t so keen on

Sundance Film Festival 2022: THE PRINCESS

Between Spencer and the latest season of The Crown, there’s been no paucity of content on the Princess of Wales recently. And coming into this wave of narrative storytelling is Ed Perkins’ haunting documentary, The

Drunken Film Fest Bradford 2021: Six Winning Shorts

The Drunken Film Festival in Bradford, England, returned in 2021 for its sixth annual event. The festival ran throughout November, with screenings simultaneously online and in-person (and all free). The festival celebrates local and international

Doors short film review

★★★ Directed by: #DennisCahlo Written by:Dennis Cahlo, #BethanyWatson Starring: Bethany Watson Short Film Review by: Corey Bulloch I believe it is safe to say we have all experienced our share of isolation, alone in our

Sundance 2022: A House Made of Splinters, Midwives, The Mission, Sirens

The last of my World Cinema Documentary Competition dispatches for this year’s Sundance Film Festival is the most eclectic of the bunch in terms of country of origin, ranging from East Ukraine to India, Finland

In Search of the Origins of Native American Grave Houses in Oklahoma

The house is haunted, but not in the way you might think. In a number of quiet family cemeteries in Oklahoma, grave houses or spirit houses, as they are known, dot the landscape: little, physical

First Teaser for Indie Cult Thriller ‘The Mire’ Directed by Adam Nelson

“Do you remember the moment of your birth?” “Has anyone ever answered yes to that question?” Apple Park Films has revealed the first teaser trailer for The Mire, an intriguing indie thriller about a cult.

How to Make Vietnamese Egg Coffee

During World War II, Nguyen Gian faced a problem: a milk shortage. He was working in a hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, and his solution was to mix whipped eggs into the coffee. This classic case