Revealed: The Secret Behind TV Shows, Movies Promoting Open Border Policies

It’s no accident many films and TV shows promote gun control.

Yes, most Hollywood activists want more restrictions on the Second Amendment, not less. They’re happy to share those sentiments on awards show stages, social media and press interviews.

It still took a group dedicated to tweaking Hollywood storylines to officially make it happen. Everytown for Gun Safety created a special commission to shape scripts, with Hollywood’s blessing.

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Shows like “House of Cards” and “The Good Wife” suddenly produced stories with overt gun control themes, courtesy of the group’s open manipulation. Oscar nominee Julianne Moore officially aligned with Everytown to stoke its efforts.

The same is happening on the illegal immigration front.

Show after show, from failed reboots like “Party of Five” to Selena Gomez’s “Living Undocumented” docuseries, push open borders propaganda.

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It’s undeniable. And now we’re meeting the group making it happen.

CNN spoke to members of Define American, an organization actively tinkering with scripts to promote unfettered immigration. Only the group’s members don’t frame it that way. Instead, they claim their work is meant to humanize immigrants and, of course, tweak some hearts and minds.

Their hope: That changing the conversations in Hollywood’s writers’ rooms will pave the way for immigration policy changes in Washington, too.

“This is long-term work,” says Jose Antonio Vargas, Define American’s founder. “This is not like, ‘How do we pass a bill next month?’ This is, ‘How do we create a culture in which we see immigrants as people deserving of dignity?’ These policies don’t make sense if we don’t see immigrants as people.”

It’s a condescending point of view. Most Americans absolutely see immigrants as people. They also understand there’s a different between “legal” and “illegal” immigrants, something Hollywood product conveniently ignores. They worry a flood of immigrants could adversely impact life in the United States, risk increase of infection during pandemics and allow unvetted criminals into the country.

These are legitimate concerns worth exploring.

Plus, the vast majority of Hollywood scribes lean left already. They’d be loathe to stereotype illegal immigrants in a negative fashion. 

So how much can Define American impact Hollywood … and the culture at large? The group is off to an impressive start.

So far, Vargas says, Define American has consulted on 75 film and TV projects across 22 networks.

This isn’t a good faith discussion of ways to improve immigration law. It’s open borders storytelling. Will any of those programs allow border enforcement voices a proper voice? Will we see stories about innocent men and women killed by illegal immigrants who were arrested and released on prior charges?

Hollywood storytellers flock to tales about the underdog, and would-be immigrants often fall into that category. The same is true of the victims of illegal immigration.

Don’t those stories deserve to be told, to be shared? It’s something “America’s Forgotten” does, even if most media outlets are ignoring the film.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden famously credited shows like “Will & Grace” for convincing Americans to approve of gay marriage.

He’s right.

Define American and Everytown for Gun Safety hope a similar pop culture wave will impact immigration policy and gun restrictions, respectively.

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