Guide Me Home short film review


Written and Directed by: #StefanGeorgiou

Starring: #MatLaroche, #HannahEmanuel, #SarahNiles, #HelenaBanerjee #WillKenning and #ComfortFabian

Short film review by: Brian Penn

Loneliness and isolation are two of the greatest enemies we face in life. The notion is all too real for those who choose to simply exist without joy or purpose. The fundamental basis on which we lead our lives is explored in this remarkably moving film by Stefan Georgiou. The story of David (Mat Laroche) gently unfolds as the London skyline provides a typically compelling backdrop. Life busily goes on while David watches and listens; occasionally surveying the streets from his bike. His bolthole in a tower block gives him a bird’s eye view of a great city below. But what’s his story; what pain is he trying to leave behind?

There are subtle hints and nods to the life he once had. We sense a deep seated desire to be normal once again. He attempts to woo local pharmacist Saanvi (Helena Banerjee) but can he cope with the thought of rejection. His sister Eve (Hannah Emmanuel) teases out David’s story with a brutally honest sometimes remorseful truth. Simple visuals complement the narrative perfectly as a concise script exposes the frailty of human relationships.

But where exactly is home for David; can he find peace in solitude and was it really his choice. It’s wonderfully clear storytelling allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the central character. The back story isn’t particularly difficult to fill as we feel some familiarity even sympathy for David’s plight. We’ve all come across somebody like him on our travels. Privately we find them troubling, but quickly dismiss our concerns because it’s more convenient to assume they’re ok. We exchange pleasantries with the woman next door or man down the pub; but do we ever wonder what lies beneath – maybe we should?

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