THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon

It’s that time of the year when hauntings and horror fill our screens. Halloween viewing traditions are a staple of the season and this year, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is no exception. While the 33rd induction of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror was supposed to premiere on October 18, 2020, it was delayed due to baseball,  leaving plenty of time for viewers to dive into the horrors of old. And with 32 episodes to choose from, which do you pick?

Honestly, if you have the chance to watch them all, I highly recommend it. But if you want to target the best in the bunch, these 13 episodes are the ones to definitely hit! Each episode was rated on a scale of 1-10 in categories such as how funny, parody, alien banter, the opening scene, how gruesome, and its overall creativity. If you are looking for a new marathon to embark on, or want to take a sampling of the best Halloween Simpsons, this list is for you.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror IV (Aired: October 28, 1993)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

Kicking off the list is the fourth Treehouse of Horror (though at this time, still referred to as The Simpson Halloween Special). As with the earlier episodes of Treehouse, the episode opens not to the classic Simpsons intro, but rather Springfield Cemetery, the engravings on the tombstones humorously giving way to the feeling of the episode – “Elvis Accept It”, “A Balanced Budget”, “Subtle Political Satire”, and  “TV Violence” (loaded with bullet holes and dripping blood) – before ending on a zombie-filled couch scene. It is a solid and tight opening that continues the beloved continuity of the couch gags while also maintaining the spirit of the holiday.

As the opening scene concludes, The Simpsons launches its viewers into its three-part segments through depicted artwork introductions, each story giving its own parody, humor, and creativity. First up, Homer Simpson’s obsession with his favorite confectionary treat gets him a contract with the devil –  a Devil Ned Flanders no less. Pleading to the universe that he would give his soul for a donut (which have run empty because Carl and Lenny have thrown them at Grandpa Simpson), a battle of smarts (and ownership) launches between Devil Flanders, Homer, and Marge.

The next two episodes find their successes in the parodies they bring to life. The Twilight Zone and Dracula each are brought to life through the Springfield residents, first as Bart Simpson attempts to prevent a school bus tragedy and in the latter, Lisa Simpson attempting to save the town from a plague of vampires. It is engaging for those who will recognize the source material, yet remains unique to The Simpsons universe for all to enjoy.

There is plenty of humor and creativity to go around in all three of these segments, many elements (the donut feeder in Hell) appearing in later episodes – these tributes in the future only further strengthening the success of this episode. As the episode ends, there is a sharp turn made towards the Holidays, the characters breaking from their Halloween personas and launching into Christmas Carols, a nod to the consumerism push of Christmas that immediately launches into action as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror V (Aired October 30, 1994)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror returned for another year (still referred to as The Simpsons Halloween Special), its opening once again Marge Simpson warning parents to put their children to bed as this episode may be too terrifying – “so scary, that Congress won’t even let us show it”. There is a Family Guy feel to the intro, infusing the influence this animated classic would have on the future series.

From here, the episode quickly moves to its couch scene, the opening tombstone reading ”Amusing Tombstones” signaling the end of their use in future episodes, the imagery that follows rather shocking for a Simpsons episode at this time. Moe hung from a tree (the gruesome nature of the series heightening), the burning of Marge’s sisters Patty and Zelma, the beheading of Principal Skinner (amongst others), and a couch scene of Simpsons Frankensteins.

The three segments that follow are both humorous and entertaining, a parody of The Shining catering to both character vices and faults, Mr. Burns’ attempt to ensure earnest work (cutting television and elimination beer) turning Homer murderous and crazy. In its second segment, the series parodies films such as the future Ashton Kutcher film The Butterfly Effect, Homer’s repair of a toaster oven sending him back to the time of the dinosaurs, each move he makes changing the world he returns to. Lastly, cannibalism finds a delectable induction as President Skinner and his administration discover the irresistible taste of children.

Treehouse of Horror V dives into the gruesome, from its opening scene to its final moments, creatively blending it with the creativity of parody and humorously maintaining the antics of its beloved characters.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VI (Aired October 29, 1995)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror has been on a solid run, its sixth installment absent of tombstones and warnings, the arrival of a Headless “Krusty” Horseman launching an immediate couch scene, the Simpsons hanging from nooses in their living room. It is an abrupt opening and while not the strongest of the Halloween specials, it does little to bring the episode down.

For the sixth installment, the episode is primarily concerned with the three segments its clearly itching to tell, and its clear why. Falling for false advertising regarding a colossal donut, Homer steals Lard Lad’s donut, causing all the statues throughout Springfield to come to life and ravage the town. Lisa is left to save the day, but it’s the nuanced humor and interactions amongst characters that truly make this stand out.

The episode launches back into parody for its second story, A Nightmare on Elm Street receiving The Simpsons treatment. Students of Springfield elementary find themselves being tormented by groundskeeper Willie, the death of Martin in his sleep causing the Simpson children to find any means to stay awake. Where bravery finds Bart, who is convinced he can bring Willie from the dream world to reality, an unexpected rescue comes from the most unlikely of places.

The final segment, inspired by The Twilight Zone episode “Little Lost Girl”, finds Homer (and the Simpson children and animals) desperately searching for a place to hide from Zelma and Patty. Convinced he can hide behind a bookcase, Homer discovers a portal, transporting him to a 3D world, his antics and anger causing him to create a wormhole. As his life hangs in the balance, the Simpsons, Reverend Lovejoy, and others attempt to save him.

There is a clever balance struck between each of the segments, the first strong in its narrative, the second driving hard the parody and the third transcending not only animation but parallel universes – all while finding its ending with erotic cakes. While not as gruesome as some episodes before (and its opening), The Simpsons deliver a solid Treehouse of Horror.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror IX (Aired October 29, 1998)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

When we reached episode nine of The Treehouse of Horror, I knew this episode had to be on the epic marathon listing – it is the one I have seen the most replayed since it first aired in 1998. It has an almost regular episode opening feel, yet with a Halloween twist, Bart Simpson painting on the blackboard with Blood while shortly after Bart, Lisa and Homer are taken out by the family car – awhile Freddy and Jason wait patiently on the couch. While not the most intriguing opener of the series, it is the segments that follow that are the most memorable.

The first segment opens with snake grooming his hair in Apu’s convenience store, Officer Wiggum entering to arrest Snake for his third strike, the witnesses within the store guaranteeing Snake gets the chair. With Snake gone, his body parts are able to be donated, Homer inheriting his luscious hair. Though, as the follicles take root, the villainous spirit of Snake finds a new body, and his threats to seek revenge on Apu, Moe, and Bart Simpson can finally be carried out. It is clever, memorable, and humorous the switch between innocent Homer and conniving Snake a treacherous mix.

Pleasantville finds its parody in the episode’s next segment, as Bart and Lisa finagle the remote with plutonium so they can watch the Itchy and Scratchy  Halloween Special their mother had tried so hard to keep them from. But as soon as they begin using it, they are sucked into the TV, Itchy, and Scratchy uniting to “teach them a lesson”. What makes this segment so creative is not only the craft at which the parody is played out with regards to both Pleasantville and the animated TV series that have come before but the infusion of humor into each layer.

The final segment brings Kodos and Kang beyond the banter, giving them full focus. Maggie has begun teething, hissing, and growing her tentacles – you know, normal baby stuff. Yet as her pacifier sends out the signal for the aliens to come to earth to retrieve her, the alien’s arrival brings into question the paternity of TV’s most loved baby – and a stint on the Jerry Springer Show. While it ends with a political satire and is far less gruesome, it gives Maggie and both aliens a heavier focus and viewers a chance to experience a bit more world and character-building than before.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XVI (November 6, 2005)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

The Simpsons sixteenth Treehouse of horror opens with a baseball game, one whose speed infuriates Kodos and Kang, the “accelerate” speeding the game. “Smooth move Spacelax” Homer yells as their incessant need to speed up the game destroys the fabric of existence – but don’t worry, they will leave a note. It is refreshing to have Kodos and Kang headline the episode, their yearly appearance not only expected by gladly welcomed.

Thankfully, the fabric of existence is only temporarily altered, as we enter into this year’s segments, starting with a parody on Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence. When Bart Simpson attempts to jump into the pool from a window, he misjudges the distance, his injuries placing him in a coma (one not even the sound of a new bike can draw him out of). Distraught, the Simpson family welcomes an artificial child into their home, his homemade waffles and shoulder massages easing the loss of Bart.  Yet, when Bart wakes up, it sets the stage for the ultimate battle for position as the childhood favorite.

The parodies continue as The Simpsons take on The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell – though many today will find themselves recalling The Hunt which was released earlier this year. Homer is invited to a suspicious gathering at Mr. Burns’ mansion, the generosity of his offering seemingly to good to be true. And as this is a Treehouse episode, it is. Homer and the rest of the attendees become game in the ultimate hunt for survival.

Lastly, The Simpsons brings an infusion of parodies, finding inspiration in more than one place – Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s “Halloween” and The Twilight Zone’s “The Masks”. Angering a real-life witch with a “Best Costume” award, the witch casts a spell that turns everyone into exactly what they are wearing. As chaos runs throughout the town, once again Maggie seems to be the only one that can save them all. All three of these parodies are executed with humor and creativity, blending once again the world of The Simpsons and the cultural hits that have found success with a variety of audiences.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XVII (November 5, 2006)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

If you ever thought Mr. Burns reminded you of the crypt keeper from Tale from the Crypt, The Simpsons agree. In the seventeenth installment of Treehouse of Horror, Mr. Burns is our “master of Scarimonies” luring us into the horrific tradition, starting with a gruesome murder of Moe in a medieval torture chamber – the blood spilling out onto the floor to announce the start of the segments.

The Blob is the focus of the first segment, Homer Simpson eating a “space marshmallow”, the ingestion of the extraterrestrial turning him into a ravenous Blob. What starts out as literally eating the Simpsons out of house and home turns into a terrifying consumption of Springfield’s citizens. The Simpsons remake of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” (“Baby Likes Fat”), a 50 foot Lennie and Dr. Phil is a clever and humorous elevation to an already perfectly structured segment.

The Simpsons boasts big guest stars for its second segment, Richard Lewis and Fran Drescher voicing both the male and female Golems. When Bart heads backstage to complain about an acid-spitting cloak to Krusty, he is bemused to find a Golem who will perform any task that is written on paper and placed in his mouth. While he continues to do as is written, Lisa instructs Golem to speak, giving him the opportunity to express himself for the first time, giving both the Simpsons and the audience a moment to meet the real Golem.

Orson Welles is the focus in the final segment, his radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds brought to life through the hysteria of Springfield. As the citizens of Springfield become consumed by fear, Sideshow Mel proposes they can outsmart the aliens by becoming naked and rolling in the mud like animals. Unfortunately, the entire endeavor only convinces Kang and Kodos now is the perfect time to invade and conquer earth. With this final segment, viewers are not only given an extended time with their favorite aliens but also a solid and cohesive ending to the episode.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XX (Aired October 18, 2009)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

Like Treehouse of Horror nine, this next installment is an episode that is constantly replayed, speaking to its success long before this feature began – and it’s the twentieth episode as well. The episode is a knockout from its opening moments, Universal’s creatures of the 1930s coming to life and walking the streets of Springfield. Finding their “costumes” to be inadequate to the times, they don new costumes (Iron Man, Sponge Bob, Jake Spparow and Harry Potter) and make their way to Homer’s Halloween party – that is until they’re ladies arrive.

Alfred Hitchcock returns to The Simpsons this year, a parody of Dial M for Murder bringing the ultimate “criss-cross” between Bart and Lisa. As expected, one does not follow through on their promise. While the segment overall is predictable, the ending delivers shock value, lending itself to the awareness and need for female camaraderie. In a 28 Eight Days later twist, a new Krusty Burger turns all the citizens of Springfield into zombies. While the Simpsons find refugee in the safety of their home, Bart’s empty stomach delivers a double dose of hope and doom.

Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd: The Deomon Barber of Fleet Street is not only the focus of the final segment but the gem of the episode. In a musical staging, Moe laments about his lack of love and a girlfriend. Though his luck appears to change when, by an unfortunate accident, Homer falls into the basement and becomes impaled on the beer tap pipes. As Homer’s blood drips into the beer, Moe finds the new concoction works to his advantage, wooing Marge with each sip. The episode is a knockout as the setting goes beyond just the stage the segment is presented on, including the scaffolding, lighting, and costume changes occurring on the side. This episode is an example of the height of parody and narrative the series is consistently able to recreate.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXI (November 7, 2010)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

The twenty-first installment of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror opens with Bart and Homer carving pumpkins, and the return of the “warning” before tonight’s horrific episode. As Professor Frank warns audiences, he utilizes the new state of the art TiVo remote to showcase the ability to fast forward through the parts parents might find to scary for their children – a violent fast forward at that. Watching 10 years after this episode premiered, their is a nostalgia that sets in as the marking of time sets a framework for the episode.

In this episode, The Simpsons finds its parodies in the films of Jumanji, Twilight,  and Dead Calm. First, Marge’s concern about the violent video games both Bart and Milhouse are engaging in leads her to encourage her children to return to board games that had been collecting dust in the attic. Stumbling onto Satan’s Path, Milhouse and Bart bring all the board games to life, their terror on Springfield delivering both shocks, gruesome deaths, and hilarity.

In the episode’s second segment, Homer and Marge are enjoying a relaxing voyage at sea, a man in a small life raft throwing their entire trip into disarray. While the episode humorously plays with the jealousy Homer has with regards to Marge, terror sets in as Roger relays his story of the Albatrose and the poisoning of its crew – a story that strikes fear into the heart of Homer as one of Roger’s pies kills a shark.

The Simpsons are not one to ignore a demographic and this year, the young adult obsession with a human and a vampire was in sharp focus. Those who have seen the episode will find each nuanced aspect hilarious, and for those who haven’t, there is still plenty to enjoy as the creators coyly include both perspectives in its narrative. As Lisa falls for Edmund, she longs for eternal life with him. Yet, as her moment of transformation comes, she finds it may not be all it is chalked up to be.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV (October 6, 2013)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror twenty-four goes all out in its opening scenes, where no horror favorite is safe. The Shining, Pans Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, Blade, and World War Z (just to name a few) are all infused with the traditional Simpsons opening/ couch sequence. There is an excitement as you try to catch each of the references, each one carefully placed and utilized.

With the whirlwind excitement of the opening concluding, Dr. SeussThe Cat in the Hat becomes the target for the first segment. The Simpson children are at home with the mumps, when the Fat in the Cat arrives to heal the children and save their Halloween. Yet, where the Fat in the Cat promises a night of fun and candy, the children discover violence and death are his true trademarks.

The gruesome nature of the episode does not end here, as the second segment finds Bart Simpson decapitating himself with a box fan and being surgically attached to Lisa. While the second episode does not appear to parody much, there is an entertainingly violent portrayal of sibling rivalry and an almost Jekyll and Hyde aspect to Bart and Lisa as Bart finds he has control of their body when Lisa is sleeping.

Lastly, the episode brings viewers to the circus, Homer the strongman, Marge the Trapeze artist and Moe the freak – all vying for the attention of Marge and the possession of an emerald ring. What is horrific is the lack of innocence and purity of Homer. Usually distracted by donuts, beer, and TV (as well as poorly planned shenanigans), there is always a humble nature to the classic cartoon. He loves his family and he loves his life. Yet here, he is a greedy and arrogant eccentric man whose only concern is for the better life he could have, sacrificing Marge in the process. It was an interesting take on the beloved character and one that perfectly fits the backward nature the Treehouse horror episodes present.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXV (Air date October 19, 2014)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

For the twenty-fifth induction of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, the opening couch scene is presented awards style, as an announcer highlights the “guests” – Jennifer Lawrence, Warren Betty, Clint Eastwood – all while clips from previous episodes role by. All of this culminated in a curtain style reveal of the “guests’” body parts announcing the episode, Kodos and Kang laughing with amusement at their creation. The opening does not last long, being one of the series shortest, diving right into the action. First up, The Simpsons return to Hell – well, at least Bart and Lisa. After finding runes on a desk while in detention, Bart and Lisa scan with an iPad, activating the curse and pulling the children into Hell. But this is not for eternal suffering, but rather learning. As Bart and Lisa discover, this is where demons learn torture and pain – and where Lisa is popular (yes, Hell does freeze over). It is a clever episode that leans into Bart’s devilish ways, giving him success and the audience Simpsons easter eggs for the keen eye.

A Clockwork Orange, referenced and costumed several times throughout the Treehouse Horrors, finally gets its own fun segment, with Moe taking on the role of Alex. It is a great parody in that it tips its hat to the original, while also keeping it fresh, modern, and family-friendly. Finally, The Others and every ghostly haunting is tackled in the final segment from the twenty-fifth episode. What makes this segment stand out amongst the others is the ghosts the Simpsons are being haunted by are … the Simpsons (1989). Frequently, especially in the couch scene gags, the original drawings for The Simpsons make their way into the series. Here, there is competition for not only the best Marge but for the living. It is a creative and humorous way for the series to acknowledge the changes it has gone through over its 26-year run and to have the past and the present face off against one another.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXVII (October 22, 2017)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

In a Sausage Party animation setup, the Simpsons and Grandpa anxiously bide their time quietly in a bowl outside a house. It is Halloween and they are the candy for trick or treaters. While they survive, placed on a shelf to be forgotten about until next year, a distraught chocolate bunny distressing about their fate – Homer is not afraid to partake in a little Coco on Coco cannibalism. It is a bit gruesome as Homer and family chomp down on the chocolate rabbit, yet entertaining all the same.

Maggie’s first Pazuzu – now that is a phrase I never thought I would hear. Taking on The Exorcist, Homer and Maggie become possessed by Pazuzu. Homer sings one of the most upbeat but creepy demon songs ever written while blood pours from the noses of elves on Maggie’s walls, doll heads spin, and books self combust. Maggie, however, becomes desperately in need of an exorcism, the demon causing her to float through the house and harm (or murder) those around her. It is a clever parody of the timeless classic, with a strong narrative and perfectly executed jokes throughout.

Returning to Tim Burton, The Simpsons brings to life Coraline through the eyes of Lisa Simpson. The animation is brilliant and hypnotic, transitioning from the classic TV series look to the world of Tim Burton‘s Coraline. Not only does the episode find brilliant execution, but it also carries the storyline of Pazuzu from the beginning through the entity of the film, Maggie still suffering from a “case of Pazuzu”. Personally, out of all 82 Treehouse of Horror segments, and 32 installments, this is my favorite one the series has ever done.

The episode does not lose its pace as it transitions to its final segment, Homer anxious to be alone as the rest of the Simpsons family will be away for a few days. In his excitement, and lost in his clever “Home Alone again” song, Homer eats everything in the house (well, not the vegetables, so yes… everything in the house). Finding a lonely hot dog in the freezer, a barbecue accident finds Homer eating his finger – which is unbelievably delicious and irresistible. Over the next few days, Homer begins to eat himself bit by bit – until there is nothing left. It is an insanely clever idea, One that lends itself to a clever montage of Homer slicing himself up and finding all means to “spice up” his cooking.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXI (October 18, 2020)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

Episode 666 of The Simpsons comes in true fashion – as a Treehouse of Horror. Launching right into the action, the thirty-first episode of The Treehouse of Horror finds Homer refusing to take home their newborn child as he does not want another boy (as Bart is seen writing Bart on the wall in blood), instead of taking home an abandoned girl he names Maggie. Though Maggie is no ordinary child as she is the spawn of Satan. The opening sequence highlights the events that occur in The Omen, and the devilish episode of the evening kicks into high gear.

The parodies are a bit on the nose as the Treehouse of Horror takes on Stranger Things, Milhouse representing Will, and taken deep into the Over-Under. Lisa Simpsons enters the deprivation tank in an attempt to save Milhouse, finding that not only is the housing market at an all-time high, and Amazon still delivers, but that there is even a Ned Flanders in the Over-Under. From here, the episode enters its next segment, Homer choking on a hot dog and entering Heaven – which at this point, God has sold to Google. Yet, with a mistake made and Homer’s body lost, Homer must find a new body to return to his family. Yet, taking on a new image is not as easy as it seems and Homer begins a series of body swaps to find the perfect one. The segment lends itself to some humorous moments as each new persona gives a slew of new interactions.

Finally, The Shape of Water brings Zelma to the forefront. Having been fired by the DMV, she has begun working as a cleaner in a research lab – her need to smoke causing her to stumble onto one of the aliens held hostage. Much like the Stranger Things parody earlier in the episode, it’s a bit on the nose, yet it is infused with creativity and humor. With both Kodos and Kang as the aliens – and a Thanos snap to boot – the episode finds a balance between the world of the Simpsons and Halloween.

The Simpsons Thanksgiving of Horror (November 24, 2019)

THE SIMPSONS Epic Treehouse of Horror Marathon
source: FOX

Last year, The Simpsons, Marge acknowledging in the opening sequence, embraced that the world has gotten darker lately “with the grim specter of everything”. Even with Halloween over, there were still to many horrific tales to tell that couldn’t be contained until the following year. As Marge welcomes and warns, Homer stating how scary it is not knowing what time to serve dinner, Kodos and Kang appear dressed as pilgrims, much to Marge’s approval. “We are taking over your planet. Is this not how oppressive colonizers dress?”.

The first segment is creatively brilliant and speaks to the minds behind the creation of each episode. Turkeys roam the wilderness, giving birth to eggs and living as a community. They all speak in Gobble, Gobble living a peaceful life – until a gun shoots the head off one of the turkeys. The pilgrims have arrived to take as many turkeys as they can catch. As families are separated from their children, their heads chopped off one by one for dinner, all hope seems lost. As the turkeys run around headless, blood spewing everywhere, Milhouse claims the turkeys bewitched and attempts to purify the colony, setting fire to the buildings. As the turkeys make their escape, there is an understanding that while they have gotten away, nothing will ever be the same again.

The cracking of glass and the digital beats will draw viewers into the next segment, Black Mirror’s “White Christmas” being brought to life through the AI tower containing a replication of Marge. Wanting to give real-life Marge help preparing the yearly Thanksgiving meal, Homer gifts her with the AI, her help at first welcomed. Though as AI Marge executes all the cooking to perfection for her children, Marge begins to become jealous, wanting the program deleted. As AI Marge feels her time running out, she devises a plan to make the best thanksgiving – and escape her prison.

Alien and Life parodies bring the Simpsons to space, the last remaining human on their way to a remote planet for exploration and the preservation of human life. For some reason, the children are awoken up before their parents, too much trust placed in the youth to complete their dioramas and stay out of trouble. Determined to still have a Thanksgiving, Bart, and Milhouse attempt to replicate a can of cranberry sauce, inadvertently infusing the sauce with life. But this, not just any sauce, and this is not just any blob. As it slims its way through the ship, it sucks the bones out of each child it comes up against.

There is such uniqueness and relevancy to the many topics interlaced within the episode, as well as a breath of freshness with the series continuing its horror streak in the context of Halloween. While I had wanted the marathon to end with the final episode to have premiered this year, I couldn’t think of a better episode to have ended on.

What are some of your favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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