Legendary Scottish Actor Sean Connery Has Passed Away at Age 90

Sean Connery

Noooooooo not another!! The one-and-only Sean Connery has died at age 90. His family reports that he has been “unwell for some time” (via BBC), and passed away in the Bahamas with much of his family with him. The original James Bond! Indiana Jones’ dad! And so many other iconic roles in so many outstanding movies – including The Man Who Would Be King, The Great Train Robbery, Murder on the Orient Express, Zardoz, Time Bandits, The Hunt for Red October, Medicine Man, The Rock, Dragonheart, Entrapment, and Finding Forrester. Connery only won one Academy Award in his lifetime – for Best Supporting Actor in The Untouchables (in 1987) but that’s it. He also won one BAFTA Award for Best Actor in The Name of the Rose (in 1986). He proved himself over and over in different roles, and almost always charmed everyone. He has only one child, Jason Connery born in 1963, as well as a younger brother named Neil. A heartbreaking loss.

Many celebrities are posting on Twitter about Sean Connery’s passing with tributes & messages about him:

A lovable rascal from Scotland. An incomparable legend of the screen. A titan of acting. He appeared in over 60 movies over 40 years, last seen in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in 2003. RIP, Mr. Connery.

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