Month: November 2020

Around the World in 130 Chicken-Soup Recipes

On a brisk autumn flight from San Diego to Portland, Oregon, cookbook author and chef Jenn Louis was suffering from a particularly bad cold. Achy and exhausted, she came home to find a giant pot

“It Was Just This Insane Whirlwind Of Creativity”: Interview With Zeina Durra, Director Of LUXOR

Back in 2010, you might have seen a movie called The Imperialists Are Still Alive! It starred Élodie Bouchez as an artist navigating the post-9/11 world of New York and was directed by Zeina Durra,

India’s Sati Stones Commemorate a Macabre Historical Practice

Every Saturday morning, around 8:30 a.m., Munaivar Muneeswaran, 37, head of the department of history at Saraswathy Narayanan College in Madurai in southern India, gathered his friends. They packed meals and essentials, and then set

A Journey to Find the Truth in US Trailer for ‘Identifying Features’ Film

“Don’t ask those questions in public. You don’t know who’s listening.” Kino Lorber has unveiled an official US trailer for an indie mother drama from Mexico titled Identifying Features, also known as Sin Señas Particulares

Queerly Ever After #40: THE 10 YEAR PLAN (2014)

Queerly Ever After is a bi-monthly column where I take a look at LGBT+ films that gave their characters a romantic happily-ever-after. There will be spoilers. Also, don’t forget to buy your Queerly Ever After

Anything for Jackson film review

★★★ Directed by #JustinGDyck Written by #KeithCooper Starring #SheilaMcCarthy #JulianRichings #KonstantinaMantelos ,,Film Review by ,,Hope Madden Writer Keith Cooper and director Justin G. Dyck collaborate often, but nothing either one of them has done will

Retro Museum in Varna, Bulgaria

Inside this museum, visitors are afforded the opportunity to observe many items and common objects that hail from 1945-1989. Many were commonplace in Bulgarian households. The museum comprises about 4,000 square meters and gives visitors

The Best Home Video Releases of the Year

The word on the street continues to be that streaming is the future and physical media is on death’s door, but don’t tell that to the numerous home video labels and millions of consumers. Studios

LUXOR: Lonely Wanderings in Egypt

In Zeina Durra‘s Luxor, nothing much happens. It is a poem of a movie, drifting patiently from moment to moment, allowing each scene to slowly unfold. It rewards both patience and focus in equal measure,

The Old Grammar School in Leicestershire, England

Constructed in 1614 by funds donated by local benefactor Robert Smythe, this building was designed to house a school for impoverished children from the town. Children that attended the all-boys school were provided with bibles