Two strangers must pair up to survive a strange world in Chaos Walking, the latest from director Doug Liman.

That’s right, it’s here. Or at least the trailer is, which at this point is a miracle in and of itself after extended delays. Much like this year’s long if not optimistically awaited New MutantsChaos Walking has been a question mark for a while. Big stars attached to a large budget adaptation of hit source material doesn’t normally sit as these two did, but rumors of reshoots and a generally troubled production goes part of the way to explain it. That doesn’t instill much confidence in the finished product, but to everyone’s shock New Mutants wasn’t a disaster, so maybe Chaos Walking won’t be, either.

source: Lionsgate

Based on the first book in the Chaos Walking series from author Patrick Ness, the fact that he gets a screenplay credit does instill some hope (Ness also adapted his own material for the wildly underappreciated A Monster Calls). He should be able to distill the strange premise better than anyone: a woman crash lands on a world where all other women have disappeared and the men’s thoughts are projected from their heads, which, of course, puts her in mortal danger. She must team up with one of the locals to survive, which sends them both deep into the planet’s mysterious wilderness.

Liman has handled sci-fi action like this before in Edge of Tomorrow, and he’s got strong, bankable leads in Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley as the main pair. Even their co-stars are remarkably great: Mads Mikkelsen, David Oyelowo, and Demián Bichir, to name a few. It’s hard to imagine how this went so wrong that it had to be shelved for years, but with an actual trailer and a tentative release date, I think we’re finally going to find out if it deserved these delays.

Chaos Walking is directed by Doug Liman and stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. It is currently scheduled for release in the US and the UK on January 22nd, 2021, but keep your eyes peeled here for any changes.

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