Watch: ‘Johan Rockström 2020’ TED Countdown Video from Brikk

Johan Rockström 2020

“Back then, we really thought we had more time… [But now the] climate has reached a global crisis point.” Time for everyone to wake up and make real change to save our planet. This isn’t really a short film, per se, but it is a short doc film and it certainly has some impressive filmmaking / animation. Johan Rockström 2020 is a video made by the Swedish filmmaking / animation collective known as Brikk as part of the TED Countdown global initiative (to fight climate change head on). The video features Swedish Earth Science professor Johan Rockström speaking (in English) about the worsening of our climate and the problems we now face. He originally gave a TED Talk in 2010 (watch that here) about what’s going on with our beautiful planet Earth, but now only 10 years later he’s even more worried than ever. Yes, everyone keeps saying this, but damnit, we need to keep saying it until things change. Great combination of graphics + dialogue in this.

Thanks to Stash for the tip on this one. Description from Vimeo: “Being a pretty lengthy script, packed with information and data that all felt equally important to communicate, it was almost like having a seven and a half minute script with only headlines that deserved and screamed for the same attention. There’s not a dead second in this talk, therefore it was with both excitement and a healthy amount of intimidation we took on the task.” The video is created by Swedish animation collective Brikk, based in Stockholm – see more of their work on Vimeo or visit their official website. “The aesthetics we landed were a strong, gritty collage-style to portray the seriousness of the speech. It is still colorful, but with a dominant fiery signal orange and yellow on top of a dark cold gray. The textures work as a manifest of tactility and creativity and brings a kind of guerrilla-style feel to the communication.” Very nice work. To discover more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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