Bury Ditches in Lydbury North, England

Bury Ditches

Until 1976, the extent of this Iron Age hill fort at the summit of Sunnyhill near Clun in Shropshire, England was unknown. When a massive storm in 1976 removed many of the trees at the summit, the importance of the site was revealed. Multiple rings of ditches and embankments were revealed and heightened the historic significance of the fort. Another storm during the 1980s unearthed more of the fort’s remains. 

The site was created during the first millennium CE. It was permanently occupied with people living in small circular huts within the defensive structure. The fort had two entrances, remains of which can still be seen today. The installation of information boards has made the site a more popular attraction, although its remote location still ensures tranquility.

The walk up from the parking lot navigates through a delightful wooded area that suddenly opens up near the summit to reveal the impressive series of earthworks. Progressing up to the highest point offers some of the best panoramic views in the Shropshire Hills.

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