Pandemic content is here with Songbird, the latest from co-writer and director Adam Mason.

Few people were asking for pandemic content. After the world shut down and we all watched Contagion everyone seemed to drift to more feel-good material, trying to get our minds off the strange world we’ve existed in for much of 2020. But apparently, a few people in the industry got a spark of inspiration, and lockdown related content is just starting to make its way into release. Songbird is the biggest one to date, imagining a world where the virus continues mutating and society becomes even more restricted. Containing the virus has become a cold, militaristic venture, and in the middle of the chaos is a young couple, one immune and one potentially exposed, trying to make it through.

source: STX Films

Again, does anyone want this? I mean, at least this seems to lean into the horror of the situation and isn’t make light of it, though it doesn’t seem to be an actual horror movie. Mason has been making low budget genre fare for years, so it’s no surprise that he was able to organize this so fast, but is this a situation where they asked whether they could and not whether they should?

Whether audiences want it or not the industry seems to be on board, not only expediting its production but assembling a pretty impressive cast. K.J. Apa (Riverdale) and Disney star Sofia Carson play the main couple with Bradley Whitford, Craig Robinson, Alexandra Daddario, Demi Moore, Paul Walter Hauser, and Peter Stormare all appearing.

This doesn’t have a release date yet, but it appears to be rushing out into the world. So ready or not, here it comes.

Songbird is directed by Adam Mason and stars K.J. Apa and Sofia Carson. A release date is not currently known.

Will you check this one out or let it go unwatched? Let us know in the comments!

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