The Geographical Center of the European Union in Veitshöchheim, Germany

The Geographical Center of the European Union

Visitors to the town of Gadheim will find a very unique geographical marker known as the center of the European Union.

Unlike many central points located across various geographical regions, the honor of being the center of the EU is not very long-lived, as it shifts every time a country is added or leaves. In fact, the geographical center of the EU has moved six times since 1987.

The point in Gadheim came into existence after the events centered around Brexit removed various municipalities on the west side of the union. Residents in the village of Gadheim erected the monument right after the referendum in 2016. There is a sign at the site that reads, “future center of the EU.”

The center itself is just outside the town, marked by a rock with a pole inside. Around the location are several signs explaining how one calculates the center and how Brexit crafted this point. 

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