Scarborough Railway Station Bench in North Yorkshire, England

Scarborough Railway Station Bench

Scarborough Station’s 456 foot (139 meters) bench is said to be the longest railway bench in the world. Equal in length to 12 double-decker buses, it’s able to accommodate almost 230 passengers.

The bench was constructed by William Bell on behalf of the North Eastern Railway in 1883. It was designed as part of a station-wide effort to provide adequate facilities for the growing number of tourists visiting the northern coastal resort.

Now approaching its 240th year, the bench is protected under a Grade II listing and is considered “an object of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve it.” The listing also prohibits it from being “demolished, extended or significantly altered without special permission.”

Such efforts to preserve the bench lead to a £14,500 project during the summer of 2020. The old wooden seats and backrests were removed and replaced with Accoya, a type of timber that should last for the next 50 years. Additionally, the supporting iron structure was repainted, while every nut and bolt was replaced.