LAND Trailer

A woman reinvents herself in Land, the feature directorial debut of Robin Wright.

Edee couldn’t go on like normal. Nothing was normal, not after the tragedy she’d endured, so she found a remote cabin in Wyoming and set up a new life there. She didn’t anticipate how hard it would be, though, and she quickly found herself in all sorts of danger. That’s the only reason she accepted help from a neighbor, who offered to show her the basics of how to survive but ended up teaching her so much more.

LAND Trailer
source: Focus Features

Wright stars as well as directs here, and it’s fitting that a film about a singular endeavor should be filtered through a single person. At this point in her storied career no one is doubting her acting ability, but directing is still relatively new to her. She’s got just one short and some episodes of House of Cards under her belt, but the latter does prove she can act and direct at the same time. Hopefully, that means she can pull off this survival character piece.

Demián Bichir seems to be her only significant co-star as the helpful neighbor, and seeing those two bounce off each other is plenty enticing. It’s Wright, though, that will undoubtedly be in the spotlight, so it’s time to see what she has to offer (as a director, at least).

Land is directed by Robin Wright and stars Wright and Demián Bichir. It will be released in the US on February 12th, 2021. Further release dates are not currently known.

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