Dunald Mill Limestone Quarry in Nether Kellet, England

Dunald Mill Quarry

Dunald Mill Quarry is one of the many quarries found in the area surrounding the neighboring villages of Nether Kellet and Over Kellet. While the largest quarry in the area, Back Lane Quarry, is still operational, Dunald Mill Quarry operations ceased in 2008.

Dunald Mill Quarry is actually composed of two quarries, with roads connecting to the local villages. Neither are active, as the western quarry has been flooded for years and continues to collect water.

From the public footpaths around the edge of the quarry, visitors can see the old zig-zagging roadways that were used by enormous lorries to extract limestone. Trees have been planted around the edges of the quarry with hopes that they will help restore some natural vegetation to the site.