Alter Floßhafen (Former Raft Port) in Augsburg, Germany

Former raft port.

Since the 13th-century, water from the Lech river was drained at the retaining weir known as “Hochablass” towards the city of Augsburg to drive water mills. In the past, goods were shipped along the river to supply local industries. The weir was the place to reload goods from larger to smaller rafts, with several thousand rafts heading to this location per year.

In 1910, a devastating flood washed away the retaining weir, and it took 12 weeks to construct an interim canal to drain the water back to the city. With the new weir, a new raft port was also built. However, shortly after, trains took over the transportation of the goods. The last raft used the port in 1917. 

Where the rafts once moored is now a wetland surrounded by reeds. It’s one of the most important spawning waters for amphibians in the forest. Also, a very rare species of butterfly calls this area home. Only a small signpost reminds visitors of the former importance of this main transportation hub for the city.