It’s a heavyweight title match in Godzilla vs. Kong, the latest in the ever-growing Monsterverse.

I think the title covers the plot. It’s Godzilla. Versus Kong. A battle between the giant ape and the sea monster, two icons of the big screen. It’s what Legendary has been building towards since starting this shared universe, and considering how the previous films have gone, the monsters will probably be the main point. Sure, there’s some new and returning humans, but they’ll mostly run around at the feet of these brutes hoping not to get squashed.

source: Warner Bros.

Reigning in this monster mash is director Adam Wingard, who I’m sure seemed much more appealing when he was hired in 2017. He was coming off two critically acclaimed genre pieces in You’re Next and The Guest and the stumble with Blair Witch could be written off as just that: a stumble. Unfortunately, his next film, Death Note, wasn’t received too warmly, either, and now he’s in need of a comeback.

With something as eye-popping as Godzilla vs. Kong you either hit big or fail spectacularly, so I guess we’ll see what he’s really got. Along for the ride are a troop of impressive actors ready to huddle under the monsters. Most notably, Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobby Brown return while Rebecca Hall, Alexander Skarsgård, and Brian Tyree Henry climb aboard.

But again, who cares about these humans. Give me Godzilla and Kong.

Godzilla vs. Kong is directed by Adam Wingard and stars Rebecca Hall, Alexander Skarsgård, and Millie Bobby Brown. It will be released in the US in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31st, 2021. For international release dates, click here.

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