Njupeskärs Vattenfall in Älvdalen S, Sweden

Njupeskärs Vattenfall

Being home to “the “largest” anything in a country can be a great honor for locals and a boom for tourism. The Njupeskär waterfall is one such place and is one of the more popular attractions in the region. Thousands of people visit the falls each year and many trails lead to the top. Its beauty and size often draw people in, however, it’s not actually the tallest waterfall in the country.

While most sources list Njupeskärs as the country’s largest waterfall, this appears to be false. In 2014, author and photographer Claes Grundsten questioned the height of the falls in an article. Many larger waterfalls were also discovered that same year. The Njupeskärs waterfall is 305 feet (93 meters) tall, while the Tvillingfallen in Lapland is estimated to be over three times that height.