BABY DONE: Charming and Realistic Relationship Comedy with Wonderful Performances

Baby Done, directed by Curtis Vowell and written by Sophie Henderson, is a New Zealand comedy exploring the impacts a pregnancy has on a couple. Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim (Matthew Lewis) react differently to the news. Zoe and Tim both worry about doing everything before the baby comes, but for Zoe, this means going out dancing and having fun. For Tim, this preparation comes more in the form of reading parenting books and worrying that they won’t be prepared for the baby.

Realism and Relatability

Baby Done wonderfully crafts relatable and realistic characters from the very first moment we meet them. Zoe’s interest in competitive tree climbing, and her struggles to accept how being pregnant impacts this career, are especially unique to the character, yet portray a universal feeling that allows the audience to feel her pain and want to see her trying to balance all these different areas of her life.

Her passion being about something so specific allows the character and her story to be even more relatable. Seeing Zoe’s passion and drive about something so unique to her wonderfully showcases the heart of Baby Done.

BABY DONE: Charming and Realistic Relationship Comedy with Wonderful Performances
source: Pacific Northwest Pictures

The relationship between Tim and Zoe, and the comfortable chemistry between Matafeo and Lewis, feels lived-in and honest. Baby Done creates heartfelt and memorable moments in awkward, yet realistic, situations.

Tim asks Zoe to take another pregnancy test, so he can share the experience with her. The way the film decides to illustrate this moment–Tim and Zoe pushed close together in a bathroom stall as she pees on the test–sets Baby Done apart. This moment is sweet and funny, with just that touch of realistic awkwardness.

Baby Done is filled with moments that remind us that life is not always perfect, and love can still be presented in even the most uncomfortable moments.

Emotional Resonance

Watching Baby Done, I was drawn into their story and appreciated that the film explored how differently these two people reacted to the same pregnancy news. The film explores the full range of emotions that comes from important, life-changing moments like this. Tim and Zoe find themselves in humorous moments surrounding their individual challenges, yet there is always an underlying love between the couple, even in the most emotional moments.

BABY DONE: Charming and Realistic Relationship Comedy with Wonderful Performances
source: Pacific Northwest Pictures

The film does not try to make it seem like everything always needs to be perfect for a relationship to work. Watching the most emotional scenes, powered by strong performances from Matafeo and Lewis, kept me fully interested and invested in this film and their love story from start to finish.

Baby Done mixes more dramatic scenes with moments of comedy and creates a realistic portrayal of love and growth. Baby Done has a unique and heartfelt comedic tone built around well-developed characters who feel like real people.

Comedic Timing and Chemistry

Rose Matafeo gives a wonderful performance through her most dramatic and comedic moments. Throughout the film, she is charming and feels like she is reaching out to the audience, creating a friendship with everyone watching. Throughout the film, Matafeo‘s performance adds to the fun, energetic, and relatable atmosphere. She brings light and joy to every scene, showing a true spark that showcases the depth of her character.

BABY DONE: Charming and Realistic Relationship Comedy with Wonderful Performances
source: Pacific Northwest Pictures

Matthew Lewis plays spectacularly against Matafeo, creating a natural chemistry, which allows for feelings and emotions to erupt from even the smallest of moments. Baby Done is a beautiful and humorous character study of life, passion, and relationships. Zoe and Tim go through so much, and the film always feels realistic in its drama, and open and charming in its comedy.

The chemistry adds to the feeling of realistic romance between Zoe and Tim. The film does not hide behind overly clean depictions of love and romance. Baby Done finds warmth and truth in relationships that ebb and flow, allowing its emotions and well-developed characters to take center stage.


Baby Done balances its humor, heart, and individuality, creating an irresistible and whimsical film of love and sacrifices. Baby Done is a heartfelt and hilarious film, with stellar performances, exploring the sacrifices we all experience in life and love.

Are you excited to see Baby Done? Which other New Zealand comedies do you love? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

Baby Done released on VOD in the US on January 22nd, following an October 22nd, 2020 release in Australia and New Zealand. 

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