Month: February 2021

Tom and Jerry film review

★ Directed by #TimStory Written by #KevinCostello Starring #ChloeGraceMoretz #MichaelPena Film Review by Hope Madden Scooby-Doo is having a moment. The franchise got its first wide release feature film last year, and the brains of

WATERMELON MAN: Debunking the White Moderate

While I was getting my film major, I saw a lot of classic movies in class, many more than once. One film I did not expect to see was a 1970 comedy about race relations,

Valaste Waterfall in Valaste, Estonia

At a height of just over 90 feet (30 meters), this beautiful waterfall flows down off the Ontika limestone cliff situated on the northern coast of Estonia between Ontika and Valaste.  There was once a

Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird Sanctuary in Minneapolis, Minnesota

When Thomas Sadler Roberts retired from his career as a doctor, he remained hard at work in the field of ornithology. Roberts became a professor in the discipline at the University of Minnesota. He also helped


Lying eyes closed and neck-deep in the bathtub, Justine (Tallulah Haddon) is utterly numb to the world. The echo of her landlord hammering against her door for rent is just one of the many things

David Squires on… The News of the World

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Why an English Manor Is Deploying Parasitic Wasps and Moth Pheromones

Battle wasps, to war! At least that’s the way it sounded when conservators in England recently announced that they were going to deploy an army of wasps to fight a moth infestation at a stately

Jewish International Film Festival 2021: Interview With Ruthy Pribar, Director & Writer Of ASIA

One of the major highlights of this year’s Jewish International Film Festival program – which is set to screen in select Australian cinemas from February 17 to March 24 – is Ruthy Pribar‘s heartbreaking feature

Watch: End of the World Short Film ‘Red Rover’ by Brooke Goldfinch

“You won’t be able to see it until it’s about to hit.” It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine! How about some apocalyptic cinema to relax you? This

Faith-Friendly ‘Vigil’ Knows When to Make Us Laugh, Cringe

“The Vigil” is an exercise in horror that effectively builds its character and narrative tensions in the first half only to tighten its grip for its lean remaining minutes. Character actor on-the-rise Dave Davis stars