Month: February 2021

These Bronze Age Bog Beetles Look Like They Just Died Yesterday

Once they reach adulthood, great capricorn beetles, Cerambyx cerdo, have only a brief time left on Earth. The bulk of their lives, which can span several years, is spent as larvae and pupae, boring through

Horrific Inquiry: FRANKENSTEIN (1931)

Welcome back to the newest, and at times goriest, column here at Film Inquiry – Horrific Inquiry. Twice a month, I will be tackling all things horror, each month bringing two films back into the

For a Volcanologist Living on Mount Etna, the Latest Eruption Is a Delight

Boris Behncke was growing impatient. The sun was setting, twilight was soaking the soil, and the sky was not yet on fire. For the past few days, Mount Etna’s almost preternatural displays of liquid hot

At This Portuguese Bakery, the Recipes Were Written by Nuns Centuries Ago

At first glance, Pastelaria Alcôa, a bakery in the charming little town of Alcobaça, Portugal, looks thoroughly modern. Behind a gleaming glass counter are colorful, award-winning pastries that have made the pâtisserie one of the

‘Rush to Judgment’ Director: Reporters Fear Our Film

The media’s coverage of Covington Catholic students’ 2019 trip to D.C. may be the worst journalism scandal in recent memory. Reporters pounced on a preferred narrative, slamming the high schoolers instead of waiting for more

Jane Fonda and Norman Lear to Receive Honorary Awards at the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards on February 28th

Screen legends Jane Fonda and Norman Lear will be receiving honorary awards at the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards airing live at 7pm CST on Sunday, February 28th on NBC. Kerry Washington, Ted Danson, Brie Larson and Laverne Cox will pay tribute to Fonda,

Glasgow Film Festival 2021: RIDERS OF JUSTICE

What a year Mads Mikkelsen is having. The charismatic Dane is fresh from the success of Thomas Vinterberg‘s festival winning Another Round – which has rumours of Oscar noms in its future – and here

Chatham Catalpas in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Standing like ancient, tortured sentries in the yard of Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg, Virginia, are two venerable Southern Catalpa trees (Catalpa bignonioides). Their gnarled branches and twisted, misshapen trunks appear to be manifestations of the

Nansen Ski Jump in Milan, New Hampshire

The Nansen Ski Jump was constructed in 1937 and was used as the location for the first United States Olympic Ski Jumping Trials. The jump is around 260 feet in length and was known as The

‘Fossils of the 20th Century Civilization’ in Koto City, Japan

All of the stations on the Toei Ōedo subway line are adorned with some form of public art, from unusual sculptures to technological marvels such as the computer-designed “Web Frames” lighting at Iidabashi Station. The most