‘Comic Fountain’ in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

'Comic Fountain'

The City of Frankfurt Oder is often overlooked and forgotten, especially in light of sharing its namesake with the much larger and internationally well-known Frankfurt to the west. However, this abstract fountain, which also serves as a working clock, does a good job of making sure visitors leave the city with a memory.

Known as the “Comic Fountain” or “Comic Brunnen,” the main feature of this fountain is the gigantic figure of a vaguely humanoid shape, painted in bright, vibrant, colors. 

The eyes of this giant are actually two clocks. At the feet are other brightly colored figures and hands that appear to be reaching up through the water. The bright colors and striking figures resemble images found in any classic comic book. 

For a small, unassuming city, this work of art serves as its most iconic landmark. 

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