Putt-Putt of Warren in Warren, Ohio

Club House Front.

The Putt-Putt of Warren is over 59 years old and is the oldest remaining Putt-Putt Course in Ohio. Only 39 authentic Donald Clayton-designed Putt-Putt courses remain in existence.

This course is regulated by the Professional Putters Association (PPA) and was created by Clayton. This course has pro and amateur sections regulated by the PPA. The course also offers private and professional tournaments, along with birthday parties and other events. They also have one course called Goofy Golf which is a cute form of miniature golf for children and families.

The course contains a full 54 holes, and 36 if you only want to use the regulated courses. The customer service is exceptional and it is a place you definitely want to add on your route if you’re visiting Trumbull County.

In 2016, this course was saved from being demolished. A local business came forward and wanted to purchase the course and tear it down to use the property for other business needs. The facility was purchased by Roberta Cykon and the course was saved.