First Trailer for Wushu Academy Rivalry ‘100 Yards’ Martial Arts Film

100 Yards Trailer

“If there was trouble within 100 yards of the entrance, it was dealt with.” The first teaser trailer is out for a Chinese martial arts action film titled 100 Years, co-directed by the filmmakers Xu Haofeng (The Sword Identity, The Final Master, The Hidden Sword) & Xu Junfeng. This is premiering as a centerpiece selection at the 2023 Toronto Film Festival coming up this fall, its first screening outside of China after showing at the Shanghai Film Festival. Two bitter rivals (starring Jacky Heung and Andy On) duel for stewardship of a wushu academy, in this “cool and calculated” martial arts caper from Xu Haofeng. It’s set in the 1920s in Northern China, pre-WWII. With martial arts choreography by Duncan Leung (The Grandmaster, Devil’s Express), and cinematography by Shao Dan. The cast also includes Bea Hayden Kuo, Tang Shiyi, and Li Yuan. I’m digging the more minimalistic, refined style of this – clean shots, and clean dialogue. Bring it on. // Continue Reading ›

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