The Gallery Whitehead in Whitehead, Northern Ireland

The Gallery Whitehead

This little art gallery is located within an old Edwardian terrace house in Whitehead, a coastal village located on the East Antrim coast with a rich Victorian heritage.

The house was constructed during the early 20th-century and is composed of three floors complete with a drawing-room, eight fireplaces, and six chimneys.

The gallery is run by local artist Cynthia Waddell who features many of her own art pieces, as well as displays featuring contemporary and abstract art. These range from artwork contributed by British & Irish artists, to Edwardian and Victorian prints.

There are three gallery rooms in the old Edwardian building, Gallery’s 1 and 2 display Waddell’s artwork. Gallery 3 operates as a changing display gallery, where local new and emerging artists work on displays for a month before it changes hands to another artist. The Gallery Whitehead’s ethos is “To encourage and continue the spirit of art.” 

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