Watch: Funny Animated Short Visualizes Socially Awkward Moments

Awkward Short Film

Well, that was awkward. Everyone knows this uncomfortable feeling. When something strange happens in public and you feel really, really awkward and just want to run away and hide. Awkward is a fun animated short film made by the very talented Ukrainian animator Nata Metlukh – it’s only 3 minutes of amusing awkward animation goodness. The short presents a day full of socially awkward moments. It’s made entirely by Nata, with music and sound by Daruma Audio. I dig her style and the creativity in the various scenes she features. It’s just a simple animated short making fun of how awkward so much of our daily lives are, but there’s some serious cathartics in watching this and laughing (while realizing I’ve done all these things, too).

Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip on this one. Very brief description from Vimeo: “A day full of socially awkward moments.” Awkward is a quick short film directed & animated by filmmaker Nata Metlukh – you can view more of her art / animation on Vimeo or visit her official website. You can also follow Nata on IG @notofagus or Twitter here. Nata is “a Ukrainian-born animator and illustrator based in San Francisco. She creates visually bold, character driven works featuring urban lifestyle.” She is a graduate of Vancouver Film School and Estonian Academy of Arts. This won Best Short Film of the Year at Promofest in Spain this year. For more info on the short, visit her website or Vimeo. To discover more shorts, click here. Your thoughts?

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