Dragonfly Trail Petroglyphs in Silver City, New Mexico

Dragonfly Trail Petroglyphs

Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, the Gila National Forest is home to incredible views of the arid wilderness, desert wildlife, and a unique opportunity to see ancient rock art. The Dragonfly Trail, which is also located in the forest, is also renowned for its breathtaking scenery. However, the area is perhaps most known for the petroglyphs etched into the rocks approximately two miles from the trailhead.

The petroglyphs located in this area are largely credited to the Mimbres, Mogollon people. The primary “Dragonfly” petroglyph is estimated to be around 1,000 years old and is consumed by local lore. The petroglyph depicts a unique feature of Mimbres art which incorporates loops and arcs into many of the animal depictions. 

Luckily, the site is well preserved and protected by local archeological societies and has not seen much damage over its lifetime. 

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