Month: December 2020

The 20 Best Movie Soundtracks Released in 2020

This article is part of our 2020 Rewind. Follow along as we explore the best and most interesting movies, shows, performances, and more from this very strange year. In this entry, we’re listening to the best movie score

Time to Play ‘Cosmoball’ – New Trailer for Epic Russian Sci-Fi Movie

“It’s easier to risk your life when you know you’re supported by millions, even if they don’t the truth or understand…” Take a look at this! An English-dubbed trailer has debuted for a crazy insanely

Blanco Renaissance Museum in Kecamatan Ubud, Indonesia

Dedicated to the life and work of Don Antonio Blanco, this complex is a mansion turned art gallery. In 2004, the building also became a bird sanctuary after it gained legal permission from the government to

Cobra Kai Masters Karate Kid Storytelling in Third Netflix Season

“Cobra Kai” has become a pop culture hit not just because everyone loves “The Karate Kid,” but because this series has found a balance between easy-to-watch nostalgic entertainment and excellent dramatic plotting. Now in its

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue in Sanga, Nepal

Completed in 2011 after seven years of construction, this 144-foot tall statue presenting the hand gesture (or mudra) offering blessings of peace stands approximately 12 miles east of Kathmandu. Nearly as tall as the Statue

Why an Alaskan Hospital Added Reindeer Pot Pie and Seal Soup to Its Menu

You’re not going to find jello cups on the menu at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead, patients and visitors choose between reindeer pot pie, smoked hooligan, birch sourdough biscuits with fireweed jelly,


A family adjusts to a new life in Acasa, My Home, a documentary from first-time director Radu Ciorniciuc. The Bucharest delta is a natural haven within the bustling city. Or it’s a trap. Or it’s simply

Japanese Giant Spider Crab in New Brunswick, New Jersey

During the Meiji Restoration of the late 1800s, the Japanese government sent many students abroad to learn more about Western society to better modernize their home country.  One of the first American schools to accept

Beyer Stadium in Rockford, Illinois

Philip K. Wrigley began the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) in 1943, as many male athletes were fighting in World War II. The AAGPBL was at the forefront of women’s professional sports.  The Rockford Peaches

Meet the Rats That Wear Protective Poison Armor

In a converted cattle shed in central Kenya, a mischief of rats is getting up to some. Bristling with energy, the salt-and-pepper animals—African crested rats, which look like skunks that tumbled around in a dryer—gnaw