Stony Batter Historic Reserve in Auckland, New Zealand

Stony Batter Historic Reserve

Hidden past vineyards and hilly fields, this location is often missed or completely disregarded. Not far from the popular town of Onetangi, a short drive down the remote gravelly roads of the Eastern part of the island takes visitors to the aptly named, Stony Batter Historic Reserve.

As visitors walk in from the small car-park, they are greeted by large, volcanic boulders on each side before reaching the open-field battery. The area is complete with panoramic views of the surrounding islands.

Due to its relatively remote location, the site is often quiet and has an open-air nature that allows for free exploration of the gun emplacements and tunnels. It’s an awesome place to view World War II ruins.

Surrounded by a scenic reserve, Stony Batter is a unique and special location for any history buff, nature lover, or avid explorer, and is not to be missed by anyone passing through Waiheke. 

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